Bray Adult Education Centre

Bray Adult Education Centre Bray Adult Education Centre is also called KWETB FET Centre Bray. It belongs to Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board. It provides courses designed to be useful to people who are hoping to become more employable.

Some of the courses lead straight to specific jobs; some of them help the participants to become ready for almost any job.

To study at Bray Adult Education Centre you must be eligible. If you want a full-time course, you must be eligible for VTOS. If you want a part-time job, you must be eligible for BTEI.

VTOS is The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme. It's available to people who have been on a payment from The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (i.e. Social Welfare). Dependent spouses and people on Credits can also participate.

At least 156 days on the claim must have passed by the time you can be set up on VTOS. This scheme lasts for two years of learning.

BTEI is The Back to Education Initiative. It's available to people on DEASP payments or with Medical Cards. This is for part-time learning.

Both VTOS and BTEI are there to help people move back to the workforce. This is why Bray Adult Education Centre emphasises useful learning. We work closely with DEASP to make it possible for people to find better opportunities leading to more satisfying careers.

For parents who need childcare while they learn, funding is available through the CETS. The centre's year follows the school year, so when your kids are off, you're off too.


The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) offers a range of courses designed to help unemployed people gain nationally recognised qualifications and develop their employability.

You can apply to join if you are aged 21 or over, on a Jobseekers payment or receiving a One-Parent family payment or other DSP payments.

Nothing. Courses are provided free of charge. You will receive a payment equal to your social welfare entitlement. You will get a travel allowance (for distance of 3 miles) and a meal allowance.

The Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) is a program for over 16s who have not completed the Leaving Certificate. Students can enrol for part-time courses and have the chance to combine education with family and work responsibilities. Most BTEI courses are offered at Level 3/4.

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The Level 5 Major Award in Special Needs for Childcare (5M2009) is a one-year full-time course leading to a nationally recognised qualification in the area of Special Needs...

CompTIA A+

By successfully completing the internationally recognized CompTIA A+ course you will understand the architecture, components and makeup of a modern PC, how to install...

Dynamic Web Design

Students will learn how to create, maintain and upload a fully responsive web site that is equally functional on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone using the latest web technologies...

Healthcare Support

The Level 5 Major Award in Healthcare Support is designed to prepare you to work competently, effectively and safely as a Healthcare Assistant in a variety of healthcare settings such as ...

Arts, crafts & design

This course encourages students to improve their creative art and design skills through a variety of 2D (drawing and painting) and 3D (textiles, print, felt, clay) ...

Employability Skills

Employability Skills (3M0935) is an entry level qualification for those wishing to improve their IT skills. This course allows the learner to achieve a major award in one year and....

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