Computer Systems & Networks (5M0536)

By successfully completing the Computer Systems and Networks (5M0536) course you will understand the architecture, components and makeup of a modern PC, how to install hardware / software components, diagnose installation problems and be able to install, upgrade and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows. Students will have to successfully complete a broad series of modules (click link) through a combination of projects and exams. This course provides a path either directly into the workplace or to third level education.

BAEC students will also have the opportunity to complete the internationally recognised CompTIA A+ course, with it's focus on data backup and management, configuring mobile devices, cloud computing and software troubleshooting.

Both courses are for students who wish to work in the IT technical support industry.

You can easily send a query to BAEC or apply directly for a place on Computer Systems & Networks (5M0536). We look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Level: 5

    Duration: 1 Year

    Hours: Full-time

    Bray Adult Education Centre

    Civic Centre

    Main Street